Béatrice Roche Gardies Works and lives in Lucé near Chartres , France.


Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, she worked as a graphic designer before becoming a painter. Pupil of the painter Philippe Lejeune for 7 years, of the docteur in aestetics Franck Senaud, and trained with the best current portraitist and landscape painters, she also designed the stain glass of the Saint Bernadette church in Versailles.

Since 2011, she is approved painter for the Army specialty Air and Space.


« For Béatrice Roche Gardies, to paint is to restore not only what she sees but what she feels about a pattern or a model before. She knows how to understand the ephemeral, choose the moment, choose the moment, capture what words cannot connot translate and transcribe them on the canvas thanks to her sense of color, knowing how to enhance the atmosphere of a scene and the environment surrounding a caracter. Between tradition and modernity this artist as managed to create a pictoral language that can only appeal to demanding art lovers.

An artist to follow closely. »

Patrice de la Perrière (art critic) Univers des arts n°173 May June 2014



3rd price of  Pastellistes de France’s 2014 competition

Price of the General Council at the 29th Spring Fair in 2014 Dourdan

Bronze medal at the Salon of French Artists in 2013

Price of the town of Etampois: purchase by the museum in 2013 Etampes

Price of the Aero Club of France, 8th Salon painters air Bourget in 2013

Price of the Senate, Spring Fair in Dourdan in 2013

Price Univers des Arts in the eighteenth, living the Army in 2013

Grand Prize of Honor show in Sainte Maure de Touraine in 2011

First prize at the Salon of the Artists de Suresnes in 2010


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